Tiia Sudenkaarne

University of Turku | Tampere University, Finland

PhD Candidate | Grant Researcher

Tiia Sudenkaarne is a PhD Candidate in Philosophy at University of Turku. She will complete her dissertation on queer and feminist bioethics as a grant researcher in the project Technology, Ethics and Reproduction: Controversy in the Era of Normalization (Tampere University) funded by Kone Foundation. She will continue with the project as a post doctoral researcher, focusing on new womb-related reproduction technologies. In the fall of 2021 she will join the Academy of Finland project (no. 324322) Social Study of Antimicrobial Resistance, looking at AMR in the contexts of health care, animals and ethics. She will focus on a case study combining AMR issues with further developing her layers of queer vulnerabilities. She is actively involved with the social study of microbes project Microbial Lives: Practices of New Human-Microbial Cultures funded by Kone Foundation. She is a member of the Future of Reproduction network supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation's Argumenta funding. She is also a member of the committee steering the Center for the Study of Bioethics in Finland. She is the vice chair of Society of Queer Studies in Finland.