Aga Pokrywka

Helsinki, Finland


Super Eclectic, Ferment Radio

Aga Pokrywka is a Polish-born, Finnish-based multidisciplinary wizardess and artist. With a background in natural sciences, film, and non-fiction storytelling, she works with graphic design, video, sound, text, and collaborative practices in order to build eclectic narratives. She is interested in re-telling stories and capturing diverse viewpoints through multimedia and non-linear strategies. She is fascinated by how we can comprehend the unnoticed and capture it with our senses, whether it be microbes, celestial bodies, or systemic structures. Aga is the host of Ferment Radio, a podcast series on bacterial and social fermentation, and co-founder at Super Eclectic, a creative studio on a mission to inspire action on the most critical issues of our time, through multimedia and imagination.