Alicia Ng

Helsinki, Finland

PhD Candidate

University of Helsinki

Alicia Ng (she/they) is a PhD candidate in the interdisciplinary environmental sciences programme (DENVI) at the University of Helsinki, and a researcher on the Academy of Finland CoE Multidisciplinary Centre of Excellence in Antimicrobial Resistance Research. Her doctoral research is concentrated on bioremediation techniques that use plants and microbes (chiefly bacteria and fungi) to alleviate anthropogenic pollution (such as electronic waste in China, and mining waste and wastewaters in Finland). This is in order to investigate non-human interactions amongst media and soil ecologies. Her doctoral research project is a continuation of her Master’s thesis on the politics of e-waste in China from non-human ontological perspectives such as new materialism and Object-oriented Ontology (OOO). Her research interests include changes in understandings of humanity and the environment in the Anthropocene, the role of soils and microbes in finding sustainable futures, and the interrelations between technology, environment, and society. Her interest in microbes began from no-dig gardening and permaculture.


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