Astrid Schrader

Senior Lecturer

University of Exeter

Astrid Schrader is a senior lecturer at the University of Exeter in the department of Social and Political Sciences, Philosophy, and Anthropology. She works at the intersections of feminist science studies, microbe studies, new materialisms, and posthumanist theories. Her work explores questions of responsibility, care and agency in scientific knowledge production, new ontologies, the relationship between anthropocentrism and conceptions of time, and questions of environmental justice. Astrid has been particularly interested in scientific research on marine microbes. Under the heading of “Caring with Haunted Microbes” she develops new theoretical approaches in STS, combining ‘agential realism’ and ‘biodeconstruction’. Working with artists and marine scientists, she also seeks to develop new approaches to and methodologies in cross-disciplinarity based on the notion of diffraction.

Astrid joined the CSSM as a fellow in August and September 2023.