Jose A. Cañada

Helsinki, FI

Postdoctoral researcher

University of Helsinki

Jose A. Cañada

Jose A. Cañada is a multidisciplinary social scientist with an emphasis on Science & Technology Studies (STS). They joined the University of Exeter (Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology) in September 2021 as a MSCA fellow, having developed their research career at the University of Helsinki, where they earnt a PhD in 2018. Their research has especially focused on studying knowledge production and material practices associated with socio-technical controversies and a variety of policy issues, working on topics such as antimicrobial resistance, pandemic preparedness and response, biobanking and the development of water infrastructures. Currently, they study the production of scientific knowledge around different environmental threats to marine ecosystems. In this project, Jose gives continuity to their interest in microbes by looking at the presence of cyanobacteria in the Baltic Sea and the way scientists, ecologists and policymakers try to tackle the threat it poses to more-than-human health.


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