Oona Leinovirtanen

Turku, Finland

Artist in-residence / PhD candidate

University of Turku

Oona Leinovirtanen is an artist and Oona Virtanen is a Ph.D. candidate in sociology. Together they are interested in what a human holobiont can understand via gardening, improvisation, and listening to gut feelings. Microbes in between everything fascinate them. Via the artistic methodology of Microbial Whispering, they try to sense microbes’ subtle whispers. Their dream is to live outdoors and move less in an upright position.

Oona was the CSSM Artist-in-Residence from February to September 2023. They took take us on a journey of engaging with microbial whispers and gut feelings, using e.g. dance improvisation and speculation to deal with the relationship between the body and environments, microbial agency, and body awareness.


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Oona Leinovirtanen, Group Exhibition
Oona Leinovirtanen, Riina Hannula, Vishnu Vardhani