Salla Sariola

Helsinki, Finland

Director | Professor

University of Helsinki

Salla Sariola is a professor of Sociology at the University of Helsinki. Her research interests concern the ethics and politics of science and technology as well as gender and sexuality. Her fieldwork has taken her to South Asia and Africa, namely to India, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Benin. She is the author of two books: Research as Development: Clinical trials, international collaboration and bioethics in Sri Lanka (Cornell University Press, forthcoming) and Gender and Sexuality: Selling sex in Chennai, (Routledge 2009, 2012). Salla is the coordinating editor of the journal Science and Technology Studies which is the house journal of European Association for the study of science and technology.


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Academic paper
Jose A. Cañada, Salla Sariola, Andrea Butcher
Salla Sariola
Salla Sariola, Matthäus Rest, Jose A. Cañada
Salla Sariola

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