Santiago Kaderian

Patagonia Argentina

Postdoctoral researcher

Santiago Kaderian is a Sociologist and PhD in Social Sciences from the Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Buenos Aires. He has a Master in Science Technology and Society by National University of Quilmes.

His current research lines address sociotechnical networks and collaborative interactions of scientists with social actors in biotechnology, beer and brewing industry, fermentation and microbiology. Also topics like history of institutions and research groups, science and technology policy, university-business linkage and mediatisation of science and technology. The approach is mainly qualitative, with techniques such as interviews, discourse and narrative analysis, documentary analysis and participant observation.

His publications include themes like: Circulation of materials and narratives, in craft beer in San Carlos de Bariloche, Rio Negro Province, Argentina. Biotechnology and industrial microbiology in Argentina in the 1970s: biofuel, biogas and food production. And yeast biotechnology and beverage production, especially in industrial and craft beer.

 Santiago joined the CSSM as a fellow between March and June 2023.


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