Tiia Sudenkaarne

Turku, Finland

Postdoctoral Researcher

University of Helsinki

Tiia Sudenkaarne, DrScSci, MA,BSocSci(social work) is a postdoctoral researcher in SoSaMiRe and a research group member of Microbial Lives. Currently, her aim is to formulate a queer feminist, posthuman framework for AMR ethics. She is also a project researcher in the Tampere University project Technology, Ethics and Reproduction: Controversy in the Era of Normalization funded by Kone Foundation. Her dissertation discussed queer feminist bioethical approaches to ethical principalism and vulnerability, ranked by the opponent and pre-examiner in the methodological top ten percent of international scholarship on these topics. She has published extensively in her career stage, given an invited keynote and organizes academic workshops and conferences. She has co-edited peer-reviewed journals, presented and chaired at over 30 conferences and taught bachelor- and master-level courses in her field. She is a member of the CSSM steering group and a member of the Feminist Approaches to Bioethics advisory board.

Research interests: philosophy; ethics; bioethics; queer bioethics; feminist bioethics; science and technology studies; medical humanities


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