Will LaFleur


PhD Candidate

University of Helsinki

Will LaFleur (he/him) is an interdisciplinary PhD researcher in Global Development Studies at the University of Helsinki. He has an academic background in anthropology and global education, and holds a teaching license in upper-secondary social studies. He has a non-academic background in food and wine service and currently experiments with wild fermentation at home. Will has undertaken anthropological and ethnographic research related to fermentation practices in Japan, Italy, and Finland. His research interests are future-oriented and include thinking with political ecology of the body, more-than-representational theories and doing sensory ethnography. With these tools he explores visceral politics and affective atmospheres in regenerative agriculture and foodways practices, human-soil relations, fermentation, skilled care work, and more-than-human labour in relation to circular and degrowth economies. His current doctoral research project “Regenerative Agriculture and the Value of Care: Towards a socio-ecologically just circular economy” is funded by the Kone Foundation.


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