Welcoming our first Artist-in-Residence: Oona Leinovirtanen

The CSSM has just kicked off its first artist residency, and is pleased to welcome Oona Leinovirtanen as its first Artist-in-Residence (AIR)! Oona Leinovirtanen works with gut feelings, improvisation, and dancing with microbes. Their artistic work handles the body’s nonhuman, microbial agency, and improvisation as a knowledge-producing method. Their methods are video, dance, sound art, and weaving.

Oona has been with us since the formation of the CSSM last year as a core group member. With their experience as core group member and now AIR, they are looking forward to helping shape the residency for the benefit of future artists that collaborate with the CSSM.

Oona will be with us as Artist-in-Residence for eight months, ending in September 2023.

Process picture of the video project Microbimpro
Process picture of the video project Microbimpro. Credit: Oona Leinovirtanen